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We have a team of experts who have over 20 years of experience working in the international market. The goal of our team members is to easily understand the challenges, requirements and needs of our clients. Based on the gathered information, we design a project plan and recommend the best possible solutions.

Regardless of the requirements we have a well-qualified team to meet all challenges. Our IT and HR team with decades of experience and can easily find and develop the best possible solutions for our clients.

For IT challenges, we either develop the software solution in-house or suggest from one of our available solutions or perhaps find the best possible solutions from the Market. However, we remain the main point of contact, working as the Project Manager and System integrators throughout the project and ensure a satisfactory completion.

Most of our team members are foreign qualified (USA, UK and Canada) with years of experience and expertise in the areas of Business Process Outsourcing, Call center establishment & Call center operation management, HR development and HR management, Training and development, Systems analysis, Project , Management, Software development and much more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to fulfill our clients’ strategic objectives by providing exceptional support, superior services, innovative solutions, and world class trainings.
We adhere to the best ethical and moral practices in all aspects of our operations and services.


SFM Networks methodology is to help our clients achieve their objectives by deploying us as advisors, consultants, trainers, system integrators, developers, and business partners working closely with the management team, resulting in the maximization of shareholders value.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to optimize customer service levels and increase efficiencies and productivities by providing world class Consulting, HR Services, Training, and other value added services.

  • We strive for Quality!
  • We strive for Success!
  • We strive for Excellence!
  • We strive for Innovation!
  • We strive for Cost-effectiveness!
  • We strive for total Customer Satisfaction!

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